On The Bench

Below are a few pictures of items I currently have in the works!


Above are a few blades I'd forged this last week (4/19/09) after they've had their profile ground to tidy things up. The W-2 blade with a M on it is one that my mom forged out, I just ground it
Left to right
1084/15N20 ~ 256 layers I believe, kinda lost count on that one.
Bandsaw/Pallet strapping : 300 layers
Mom's W-2 blade
One in W-2
Santoku in W-2 - Finished, see in gallery.

Normalizing and grinding them all comes next!

Here's some of the above knives, now rough ground and heat treated.

Beginning of a test run at doing a more traditionally constructed japanese kitchen blade with a single bevel.

The long bar is mild steel and the shorter one is 1080. these will be forge welded together.

The forged blade before heat treat and bevel grinding. Ran into a little thin spot on the tang, but I know how to correct it for the next one. Start with a slightly wider mild steel bar.

If you look closely you can see the weld line where the carbon plate meets the mild jacket.

Here are some little carry knives I'm working on. Still thinking on the price, but the plan was some simple little full tang knives with a lower price point for the site for christmas or just as lower cost items. They are, however, stock removal. Ground from some small bars of 1080.
I drew up one pattern which was the slight spear/drop point and the curve in the back end of the top of handle. Then I modified it for the clip point which will be beveled.

Here are some kitchen knives in the making. I'm going to be doing a run of them, japanese styled. Each billet there is made of 5 pieces. Mild steel on the outsides, with a core of 1095, and a small piece of mild on each end where the tang will be. Each will be drawn out to the proper thickness and split in half for two knives.

Here is another run at some yanagi-ba like the one above. feature a skin of mild steel with a bar of 1080. These will be "ni mai" so two layer. Featuring a chisel grind, bevel only on the right side. Plans are for 4 of them, as I've two bars tacked up on each end ready to go.

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