Links to various resources coming soon!

Learning Resources

My screenname on the various forums is EdgarFigaro.

The Bladesmith's Forum ( - An amazing resource for bladesmiths and those who wish to learn the art. Users also regularly post what they're currently working on or what they've finished.

The Knife Network ( - Another set of great forums where related to Knifemakers/Bladesmiths of any level.

British Blades ( - An excellent forum based out of the United Kingdom. Another great resource to learn the craft as well as see other's displaying what they've made amongst many other things.

BladeForums ( - More work posted by great makers and opporunities to learn.

Fellow Makers

Watanabe Blades ( - beautifully made Japanese kitchen knives.

Supply Sources

Mike Wakefield ( - Supplier of various exotic and burl woods. Located near Oklahoma City. Phone : 405-378-2388